Ceramic Paint Coatings

When it comes to automotive paint protection, nothing comes close to Nano-Coatings, also known as ceramic coatings. Details Matter is a Certified Installer of two premium Coating brands; Ceramic Pro and Opti-Coat Pro+. Ceramic coatings offer better protection that looks great and lasts far longer than any wax or sealant. For new cars, a ceramic paint coating will protect the exterior of the car and keep it looking new for years. For older cars, ceramic coatings can restore the orginal shine like nothing else. Nano-Coatings are the choice for car enthusiasts and owners who demand the best for their automobiles.

How else can nano-coatings be used?

Paint Protection: Ceramic Paint Coatings can protect your vehicle’s paint for the life of the vehicle. With permanent paint protection, you will never need to wax your vehicle again!

Wheel Protection: Helps keep the wheels cleaner for longer and prevents brake dust build-up.

Glass Protection: Increased visibility in wet weather, water simply rolls off.

Interior Protection: Interior coatings keep the surfaces cleaner for longer and repel dirt, grime or liquid spills.

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We offer complete automotive protection. From exterior paint protection and interior surface protection with our nano-coatings to highend auto detaling services, we provide services with the Auto Enthusiast in mind. Our clients love their automobiles and want only the best in Automotive Detailing and Advanced Surface Protection. Call us at (321) 610-3952 or click here  today to arrange for an appointment.

Our Automotive Detailing Services include:

  • Exterior Detailing Services: Headlight restoration, convertible top cleaning/conditioning, engine shampoo and cleaning service, aquapel glass treatment.
  • Interior Detailing Services: Car interior cleaning & detailing, carpet & seat shampooing, fabric protection, leather cleaning and conditioning.
  • Auto Detailing Packages: Engine cleaning, exterior detailing, interior detailing services.

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