Testimonials from satisfied Details Matter customers:

First like to say how nice and professional of a gentleman Richard Perkins (the owner) is.  My sons Mustand and my Cadillac are both black and no matter how well you try to care for them, Florida’s sun and elements take a toll on black paint.  Richard and his staff did the most amazing job detailing our auto’s inside and out.  Both of our cars look showroom new.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the service I received.  I highly recommend Details Matters.

Donna Conforti – November 26, 2014
I am settling the estate of a family friend who owned a 2003 Lexus LS430 with only 50 K miles on it.  Although the vehicle had very low miles for its age, the state of the car was nearly indescribably.  My wife literally spent 2 hours removing items fro the inside of the car including rotten food, dirty clothes, etc.  The exterior of the car had never been washed since it was purchases, and it was kept outisde in south Florida.  In addition to the dirt, there was a layer of mold that covered the covered most of the car.  Much of the trim had dark mold embedded at the boundary of the trim and body of the car.  The layers of dirt and mold on the car were something you would expect to be found on a car in  a junkyard in the middle of a swamp.  Half of the burlwood on the steering wheel and shifter looked like dark hard vinyl had been splattered across, but it turns out this was layers of hardened dirt.  My mechanic inspected the vehicle and aside from needing new tires, sad it was mechanically sound.  Autotrader listed same year cars with similar or more miles in the $15-$19K range, but this vehicle in it current state would be lucky to command more than $5K.  Richard showed up at my house to give me an estimate on the work.  He was on time and spent nearly an hour going over the vehicles indentifying the work that needed to be done.  Given the vehicles condition he was somewhat reticent to commit to how it would clean up-although he said it would be better, it was difficult to tell the condition of both the exterior and interior of the vehicle with all of the dirt, mold, grime, etc.  Richard said it would take at least two days to perform the work, and a minimum of $600.  In the end, it was $750 but that was my choice to have an additional service performed on the exterior.
Richard said that given the condition of the car it would be better if he worked on it at his shop.  We dropped off the vehicle about a week in advance of the scheduled work.  All i can say is that the transformtaion exceeded any expectations of what would be possible.  Aside from torn leather that was already in the car, the interior looked new.  Richard said it took one hour to clean the steering wheel-which is easy to believe.  Much to my surprise the carpeting and floor mats looked like they had come out of the showroom.  Richard indicated that this was the most difficult job his company had ever done, but the end result was amazing in terms of what he was able to accomplish by transforming this moldy, nasty junker int a car that can be sold for its true market value.  I’ve never paid to have a car detailed before, but as a result of the quality and professionalism of Details Matter I’ve scheduled another job for Richard to detail my wife’s 2006 Solara.
Can’t go wron with using Details Matter.  Richard appropriately set expectatiosn both in teroms of what he thoughts he could do and how much it would cost.  He exceeded expectations and was very courteous and professional.
Jim Gillespie

Richard and assistant showed up 15 minutes early and did a complete full-on detail on a car that has been stored for 25 years. The paint came out great.  Polished all chrome to a nice luster.  Detailed engine, interior etc.  Worked from 07:30 up until 16:30 for 500, two men.  A fair deal.  Richard was very professional and will certainly use him regularly.

Stephen Trevelino

I 100% recommend Details Matter.  Complete professionals, worked hard to get my interior into tip-top shape (best its EVER been), and took the time to explain every step so i knew exactly what I was paying for.  There’s certain certain people you automatically know you can trust, after talking with them for a few minutes – Richard Perkins is one of them.

Tarang Patel

Just wanted to say, thanks again for my Mustang detailing. It looks nice and shiny!

Dick Anderson

Would HIGHLY recommend Richard to anyone looking for professional service and results.  I was blown away!

Victor Everingham

They did an excellent job cleaning our interior.  We had some overspray that was very difficult to remove, but they spent several hours on it and got most of it off.

Veronica Walsh

First time they washed, clayed and waxed car exterior.  Vacuumed and cleaned interior.  Monthly maintenance plan wash and buff exterior: in addition, every third month detail interior and treat leather seats.

Gloria Witt
Detailed my new Cadillac CTS V (yes the special order Supercharged Cadillac) to a diamond perfection.  And I am a picky nut when is comes to my cars.  My paint is so smooth, I think my zero to 60 time dropped a couple ticks.  Two more cars to go for my A Team.
Ok, straight review.  I always care for my own cars but now I doubt my ability.  These guys are good.  I have a small collection of neat cars that I thought i was keeping up ok.  But after seeing the cleaning, polishing ambush on my new Cadillac CTS V, I am spoiled.  Even though I love cleaning my 5 cars, I cannot do it like they do, no way, won’t happen.  My CTS V is cleaner that the day I bought it new.  So now I am running 556 Supercharged Horse Power of fresh, clean Caddy.  Outside of that, these are nice guys.  Good Boys.  Hard Workers making a living doing hard work.  They have all the tools, all the methods, and all the knowledge to be called Professional Car Detailers.  That’s what they are Professionals.

Craig Scarlett
Details Matter LLC. Mobile Auto Detailing service came to our residence to deail our Infiniti M37.  The results were astonishing.  The car looks better than showroom new!
The Detailing:
They began by prepping the car.  This consisted of removal of all bug, bird and other residue that typically builds on your car between cleanings.  Next they did the wheels and wheel wells, certainly to a level I would typically not think of doing.
The rest of the cleaning process took on a very systematic approach.  After the car was washed they proceeded to clay bar the car.  For those who are unfamiliar with clay bay, it is a deep cleaning product that removes road grime, grit, and other particles that become embedded in the clear coat of your cars paint and detracts the shine and overall appearance.  It is those particles that you can actually feel when you run your fingers over even a clean car that makes it feel a bit rough to the touch.  Important note: Clay bar done incorrectly can do more harm than good: you can ruin paint job, but when done properly restores a finish to showroom condition., possibly better.  Now that they had the car completely clean, came time for the finishing proces.  The polishing and use of the multiple buffing and polishing tools again were done to perfection.  (Note: I may be able to buy similar tools as well, but may not necessarily know or learn how to use them properly or with the precision as a professional detailer.)
Rich used an air system to blow out the dirt and sand in the floor and trunk mats that does a superior job at removing debris.  But his use goes above and beyond to do even more.  By using a special attachment air gun.  Rich was able to restore the texture and appearance to the floor mats to an almost new state.  The interior was spotless.  He offered to treat the windshiels for a small up charge, which I was happy to agree to, with a product that is designed to last up to 6 months, longer than some other well known rain repellant products.
The Result:
The car looks spectacular! it truly looks better than the day I received it from the dealer – Period!
I think of myself as a car guy.  I am pretty critical of my car appearance.  Typically not even a dealer goes to the level of deatils as Details Matter LLC. does to bring out the beauty of your car.  Their service can prolong and enhance the appearance of any car.  Your car is typicalls a major investment, so why not show it off.
Karen Rinehimer