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The Benefits of Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic Coatings If you haven’t heard of ceramic coatings before, you’re missing out on the latest innovation for protecting your vehicle’s exterior. Even if you’re the type to keep your car in pristine condition, you’ll still never be able to protect it from naturally occurring elements, harmful chemicals in the air, or other drivers. It’s inevitable that your car will accrue a few scuffs or paint damage…unless you have a layer of ceramic coating. What is Ceramic Coating? Ceramic coating … Read More

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Why You Should Use Paint Protection Film

Even if you take every effort to keep your car in immaculate condition, chips and scratches are inevitable. While things like nature’s elements, passing drivers, and stray debris on the highway may be out of your control, there’s one way you can protect your vehicle. It’s called paint protection film, and it just might save you a headache from exterior car repairs. What Is Paint Protection Film? Also known as “clear bra”, paint protection film is one of the latest … Read More

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Complete Auto Detailing Involves More Than You Might Think

Auto detailing can seem as simple as dropping your car off, waiting a while, and then getting back into your freshly cleaned and spotless car without even breaking a sweat. That’s how it should be! On the back end, however, there’s so much more that goes into a complete auto detailing you may not have even known about. When you choose complete auto detailing at Details Matter, your car is guaranteed to receive: Wash and wax – we make certain that your … Read More