3M Paint Protection Film

3M paint protection filmPaint protection films are a great way to protect the finish on your new car. They offer durability and toughness without altering the appearance of your vehicle at all, and they can even protect your car in ways that a ceramic coating can’t. There have been many advancements in the PPF world in recent years from manufacturers like SunTek, XPEL and more recently – 3M, who just introduced their latest Pro Series 4.0 Paint Protection Film.

Enter 3M Paint Protection Film

3M is considered by many to be the grandfather of paint protection films. They originally developed the technology in conjunction with the U.S. Military to protect helicopter blades during the Vietnam War. Being the innovators they are, 3M saw an opportunity to commercialize this product for the automotive industry. Thus, automotive paint protection films were born and our cars are that much better for it.

So what does the 3M Scotchgard Pro PPF have to offer that others don’t?

The 3M Advantage

Let’s begin by saying that there are a lot of great PPF products that offer an admirable amount of protection for a reasonable price, but 3M has really stepped up their game to offer a better product with improved warranty options. Here are a few of the defining qualities of the new and improved 3M PPF.

Their Thickest Film Yet

The Scotchgard PPF Pro series is one of the thickest films you can get. The film itself is measured to be 10% thicker than some competitor’s films and the clear coat is a whopping 100% thicker.

Unmatched Clarity

This is one of the clearest films on the market. Seriously, it will be virtually invisible on your vehicle, which is great. You bought your car because you liked the way it looks and 3M knows you don’t want to compromise that.

Self-Healing Technology

The Scotchgard PPF Pro series has excellent self-healing ability. Worrying yourself sick over minor scratches is a thing of the past as they will quickly heal and disappear.

Enticing New Warranty Options

3M is now offering a 10 year warranty for their film along with an optional 5 year paint warranty for anything covered by the 3M paint protection film. This includes repair and even repainting services if necessary, so you can rest easy knowing that your car is fully protected.

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