The Benefits of Coating Your Painted Wheels

Details Matter coating painted wheelsWhen you get painted wheels you want them to set you apart from the crowd, but not for the wrong reasons. Just like every other painted surface of your car, your wheels are subject to the daily wear and tear of driving as well as environmental contaminants like tar and dirt. In addition, your wheels are subject to damage from brake dust. Without protection, this hot, metal debris can easily damage your painted wheels, which can end up chipped and faded, attracting the wrong kind of attention. Fortunately, there are ways to protect your painted wheels, like ceramic wheel coatings.

What is a Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coatings are the latest in paint protection technology. Unlike conventional waxes or paint protection films, a ceramic coating forms a permanent chemical bond with your car’s paint. Modern ceramic coatings from companies like Ceramic Pro utilize advanced nanotechnology to fill in the gaps in the paint, creating a smooth, hydrophobic surface that is extremely resistant to damage.

Ceramic Pro wheel and caliperCeramic coatings also provide a level of chemical resistance that cannot be matched by other paint protection products. Things like bugs, bird droppings, and minerals found in water can all damage your car. A ceramic coating forms a protective layer that keeps these contaminants from ever touching the paint. Companies like Ceramic Pro even offer special formulations of their ceramic coatings created just for wheels and calipers.

Ceramic coatings offer excellent heat resistance. This is essential for protecting against damage from brake dust, as these particles can be very hot.

Why Coat Your Painted Wheels?

Details Matter LLCAs we mentioned before painted wheels are subject to even more wear than other parts of your car. Things like loose rocks and gravel, puddles on the road, and brake dust are all hazards that can tarnish the look of your painted wheels.

Ceramic wheel coatings make the surface of your wheel smooth and prevent contaminants from staying on long enough to damage the paint. In addition, the hydrophobic nature of ceramic wheel coatings will ensure that water simply beads up and rolls off making it easier to keep your wheels clean.

At Details Matter, we provide auto enthusiasts in Melbourne, Florida and the surrounding area with professional detailing and automotive protection services, including ceramic coatings for wheels and calipers. Please contact us today to learn more about the benefits of coating your painted wheels.