Properties of Ceramic Car Coatings Part 2: Hardness

ceramic car coatings hardnessIn the first part of this series, we described the chemical resistance offered by ceramic coatings. Another important property of ceramic car coatings is their hardness.

Defining Hardness

For paint protection coatings, hardness is a mechanical property which can be calculated based on how resistant a car’s surface is to outside force. In other words, hardness signifies how well a material can resist scuffs and minor scratches on its surface.

Ceramic Coating Hardness

As has been mentioned before, a ceramic coating forms a chemical bond with the surface of your car. These strong intermolecular bonds create a nearly impenetrable layer, granting powerful protection to the material beneath it.

“Ceramic Pro once cured, is measured to have hardness above 9H. Normal clear coat has hardness between 2H and 4H. The glass shield prevents minor scratches to your clearcoat and acts as a sacrificial layer. This preserves the original factory paint.”Ceramic Pro

In practical terms, the hardness of the ceramic coating provides the following advantages to your car’s exterior surfaces:

Protection Against Scratches

Unless you keep your car in a garage 24/7 and never drive it, it’s going to be subjected to the elements and damage by passengers, other cars, and yourself anytime you get in and out of your car. Scratches, scuffs, and scrapes are inevitable. Whether from keys, tree branches, or gravel, a ceramic coating reduces damage caused by coming into contact with such objects.

Rebound Hardness

Sometimes, denting is inevitable due to minor accidents or door dings. Then it becomes important for the car’s surface to be able to return to its original, undented condition. The strong intermolecular bonding that results from a ceramic coating means that when dents are repaired, the ceramic coating will not be damaged since it is bonded to the paint. The flexibility of the ceramic coating ensures it will not crack or peel.

Ensuring Proper Hardness

Details Matter LLCTo ensure that your ceramic coating provides the maximum protection, have it installed by a certified product installer. You are making an investment in the protection of your car’s surface and it should be done by a professional who has experience and will apply the ceramic coating properly, guaranteeing it works as designed.

The team at Details Matter are certified Ceramic Pro and Opti-Coat Pro installers. You’ll get professional ceramic coating application and a manufacturer’s warranty on the product. Contact us today for prestige detailing services in the Melbourne, Florida area.

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