Properties of Ceramic Car Coatings Part 3: Hydrophobic

eramic car coatings hydrophobicIn the last two parts of this series, we focused on two properties of ceramic car coatings that are of great importance in terms of providing surface protection for cars, namely chemical resistance and hardness. Now let’s talk about another important property possessed by ceramic coatings: hydrophobicity or their ability to repel contaminants in water.

While water-based contaminants cannot produce physical dents on a car, they can cause a variety of other problems. Minerals, chemicals, and acids present in the water can react with the car surface and result in rusting or peeling of the paint. Even if the water does not contain caustic chemicals, it may carry dirt and grease, which stick to the car’s surface and diminish its shine and glossy finish.

The chemical formula that goes into creating a ceramic coating has been specially designed to repel water-borne contaminants, and in general, make sure water particles do not get anywhere near the car’s surface.

Ceramic car coatings protect cars in the following manner:


The coating causes water particles on its surface to encapsulates grease and dirt particles to create minuscule balls of dirty water. These balls then roll easily off the coating surface, an action that is sometimes referred to as ‘self-cleaning.’

This is an important property when the car is being cleaned since it means the coating is actively helping you clean the car surface. You will save a lot of time and effort when you clean your car.

Water Beading

The hydrophobic property of ceramic coating known as ‘water beading’ comes into play whenever liquids come into contact with your car. Whether rain or water from a hose, it will not cling to the surface, instead it will collect as tiny beads on the surface which will roll away smoothly.

These properties of ceramic car coatings prove one thing, which is that getting a ceramic coating for your car is the best thing you can do to protect it from everyday wear on its surfaces. While older paint protection techniques such as waxes and sealants wear off over time, ceramic coatings form a permanent bond that stays on for years and allows cars to retain their glossy shine.

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