Ceramic Coating Over Paint Protection Film and Vinyl

Ceramic Coating Over Paint Protection Film & Vinyl When you buy an expensive car, you want as much protection as possible. There are many ways to protect your car’s paint from the wear and tear of driving, like paint protection films (also known as polyurethane films). Unfortunately, you may find that you’re not completely satisfied with the product you’re currently using. For starters, many PPF products have a texture to them – commonly referred to as “orange peel”. The degree of this texture varies from brand to brand, but overall it diminishes the gloss or shine of your paint.  Also, a quality PPF can last about 3 to 5 years before it shows major wear, but yellowing is a common symptom of an aging film. This discoloration can obscure the beautiful paint underneath. You may decide that you want enhanced protection or something that can keep the surface looking new.

If you already have a paint protection film or intend to purchase one, you may want to consider the following;

Ceramic Coatings Options

Ceramic coatings are your best bet when it comes to protecting your new car’s paint. A ceramic coating works by forming a permanent bond with the paint or other substrates, unlike waxes, sealants, and other products that only work on a surface level. This permanent bond provides long lasting protection that doesn’t wash off and needs to be replaced.

Ceramic coatings use nanoparticles to create a nonporous surface that provides unmatched protection from scratches, bug splatter, bird droppings, and UV rays. This surface is also extremely hydrophobic, meaning it is easier to clean. Not only is the protection from a ceramic coating longer lasting than other similar products, it’s also much harder.

Ceramic Pro For Vehicles With Paint Protection Films and Vinyl

Ceramic Pro offers a new formulation of their ceramic coating product designed specifically for vehicles that already have a paint protection film. This multi-layer-able, two-part ceramic coating system can be installed on top of your existing PPF, prolonging its lifetime and enhancing its appearance. It protects the film from contaminants, oxidation and can reduce the appearance of orange peel. The top coat provides a high gloss shine. Ceramic Pro PPF & VINYL also works on vehicles with wraps or vinyl protection.

The Benefits of Ceramic Pro PPF & VINYL

Applying the two-part Ceramic Pro PPF & VINYL and PPF & VINYL Topcoat over your PPF has many benefits:

  • Reduces the orange peel look of PPF, creating a layer of protection that is virtually undetectable.
  • The added slickness of the coated surface means cleaning off bug splatter and tar is much easier. Contaminants don’t stick to the surface so washing is less labor intensive and can be done less frequently.
  • The UV protection minimizes the yellowing process of some films. You’ll have a clearer film for a longer period of time.
  • The coating can help slow down or prevent the etching process of some environmental contaminants, giving you more time to remove such things as bird droppings and tree sap before they do permanent damage to your film.

One last thing to keep in mind. Ceramic Pro coatings are warrantied when applied by certified installers, it’s recommended that you visit a professional detailer who is certified in installing Ceramic Pro for best results.

Details Matter has years of experience installing Ceramic Pro coatings and we carry all major formulations, including PPF & VINYL. For more information on our Ceramic Pro coatings and how they can protect your car, contact us at our Melbourne, Florida shop. We serve auto enthusiasts throughout Florida with prestige detailing services.