The Ceramic Pro Porsche Club of America Ceramic Coating Package

Ceramic Pro Porsche Club of America PackageThe Porsche Club of America (PCA) has long been a source of pride for its members and the envy of outsiders. Dedicated to spreading knowledge about the best ways to take care of your Porsche, the Porsche Club of America has entered into what promises to be a significant partnership with Ceramic Pro to provide the next level of car protection for its members.

Better Quality Protection

Porsche owners are aware of the anxiety that is experienced every time they take their cars out of the garage, keeping an eye on every stray tree branch, every water splatter and every key that might leave a mark on the car’s shiny exterior. Where regular polish and wax jobs were once considered the only way to provide protection for cars, the arrival of Ceramic Pro turned the entire concept of vehicle paint protection on its head by introducing car owners to the concept of ceramic coating for automobiles.

Employing Nanotechnology

Ceramic Pro is a chemical coating that’s been designed especially for automobiles. It makes use of nanotechnology to create a layer of protective clear coating over your car’s surfaces. Since the protective layer creates a chemical bond with the car’s paint, it offers unparalleled performance in terms of hardness, hydrophobicity and UV resistance.

Here are just some of the ways in which a ceramic coating can help you maintain your Porsche’s showroom shine:

  • Providing a powerful chemical bond between the car and the coating so it never peels off.
  • Protecting the paint from scratches, chemical spills, grease stains and other biological contaminants.
  • Providing resistance to UV rays, which can be particularly harmful to cars which operate in warmer climates.
  • Preventing the corrosion that inevitably occurs from the oxidation of the car’s exterior surfaces.
  • Protecting the interior surfaces from spills, scratches and UV damage.
Ceramic Pro Porsche Club of America Ceramic Coating Package
Photo Credit: Ceramic Pro

Make sure the installation of the ceramic coating on your car is only carried out by certified and trained professionals. The PCA Ceramic Pro Package offers the following benefits for PCA members:

  • Paint correction is offered for member’s cars in order to rejuvenate and restore their vehicle to its former glory.
  • 4 layers of 9H will be applied on the exterior surface of the car.
  • 1 layer of wheel and calipers applied on the wheels.
  • Interior coating of all leather, plastics, and fabric.
  • A lifetime warranty will be provided on the coating.

For more information about Ceramic Pro and how it can protect your Porsche, take a look at this video from Porsche Club of America.

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