How Ceramic Pro Protects Your Car & Exterior Finish

Ceramic Pro Protects Exterior FinishThe most vulnerable part of a car is its exterior surface. Every time you go for a drive, your car’s exterior is subjected to environmental pollutants, dirty fingers and innumerable scratches that might not be visible to the naked eye, but which severely depreciate the value of your vehicle. In our detailing business, we’ve seen every kind of damage possible.

Automobile owners and car enthusiasts are searching for ways to protect their car’s exterior finish. There are many options available, from traditional wax, to paint protection film, to ceramic coatings (also known as nanocoatings). Let’s take a look at how ceramic coatings work and how they provide superior protection.

Advanced Nanocoating 

Traditional exterior finish jobs are not equipped to handle the more extreme types of damage to the car’s paint, and wax inevitably wears off in a few months time.

This is why more and more car enthusiasts are turning to a new form of car paint protection known as ceramic coating. One of our preferred ceramic coating products is Ceramic Pro. Developed using nanotechnology, Ceramic Pro is a specially formulated chemical coating designed for automotive substrates.

The term nanotechnology means working with particles sized from 1 to 100 nanometers; engineering and manufacturing materials on the atomic or molecular level. By building a substance this way from the atom up, specific characteristics such as hardness, lightness, smoothness and heat resistance can be greatly enhanced. – Ceramic Pro

ceramic pro protects car finishThe product has been tested rigorously and endlessly reworked and improved upon to provide the best protection for your car. It offers an ‘Above 9H’ rated coating and has been tested and certified by SGS, which is the global leader in matters concerning product inspection, verification, testing, and certification.

Advantages of Using Ceramic Coating       

There are a number of reasons why Ceramic Pro has become a clear favorite among automobile enthusiasts and why we use it in our detailing business. Ceramic Pro protects cars in multiple ways:

  1. It can resist a variety of chemical attacks that burn through a car’s paint job or degrade its shiny finish.
  2. The ceramic coating carries super hydrophobic properties. This means that water-based contaminants are unable to stick to the surface of the coating and slide off quickly without causing any harm. Your car’s exterior will be kept cleaner, longer.
  3. It is resistant to UV rays. This is a godsend in Florida’s sunny climate, which can make victims of cars as well as their owners.
  4. It forms a permanent adhesive bond with the paint, which means it is scratch resistant and never wears off, even in extreme temperature. It can only be removed with machine polishing. Check out this article for more information on how long ceramic paint coatings last.
  5. It helps fight the effects of corrosion that can age many fine cars and make them look decades older by preventing oxidation from taking place on the car’s surface.
  6. The coating is very light, and only adds a weight of 0.2 to 1 gram per square foot to the surface of your car, depending on the porosity of the surface it has been attached to.

how ceramic pro protects carsIf your goal is to protect your car from the dangers that surround it every time you drive it out of the garage, invest in Ceramic Pro coating and keep your car looking as good as new for years to come! As certified Ceramic Pro installers, Details Matter has the training and experience to expertly apply this breakthrough technology. Contact us today if you have any questions about ceramic coatings and how they can protect your car’s exterior finish.