Why You Should Choose a Certified Ceramic Coating Installer

The process of installing a ceramic nanocoating to the surface of automobiles has revolutionized the way vehicle exteriors are protected. Ceramic Pro and Opti-Coat Pro ceramic coatings impart a super-strong, permanent bond to the surface of cars, protecting against all kinds of environmental and human-inflicted damage.  It’s important to choose a certified ceramic coating installer to get the best results.

Creating a Proper Coating

The process of applying the nanocoating to the car surface is complex and requires detailed training to get right. Any number of problems can occur during the coating process, from missed areas not receiving the coat of ceramic to high spots appearing on the car surface because the excess product is not removed thoroughly.

That is why the ceramic coating should only be carried out by a trained expert. Both Optimum Polymer technologies, the makers of the Opti-Coat, and Ceramic Pro Americas offer optional training courses to anyone who wants to become a ceramic coating installer.

Ceramic Pro vs. Opti-Coat Installer

A person can become a certified Ceramic Pro installer without attending training, so it won’t be readily apparent if such a person has received the proper training unless you ask.

On the other hand, Opti-Coat gives two designations to its installers. An approved Opti-Coat installer is one who has the approval of the company, while a certified installer is one who has also received training for installing Opti-Coat. Using either type of installer provides the same warranty for the customer, but can lead to different results in quality.

Certified Ceramic Coating Installers

Details Matter is one of only three certified Opti-Coat ceramic coating installers in Florida, and the only certified installer in Brevard County. While other dealers in the region have been authorized by Opti-Coat, they have not been certified. We have also been formally trained by Ceramic Pro to properly install their line of coatings. This makes us the go-to Opti-Coat Pro and Ceramic Pro protective coating installer for many reasons:

  1. Our team has been trained in the art of installing ceramic nanocoatings. We know how to install a coating properly to provide maximum protection and a great appearance.
  2. Ceramic Pro and Opti-Coat Pro products are not available to the public. As certified installers, we are allowed to buy the products directly from the manufacturers.
  3. Since we get professional grade products directly from the source, our work is more durable and long-lasting than what’s provided by detailers who get retail versions of ceramic coatings. A professional coating provides permanent protection, while retail coatings can last 2 – 3 years.

International Detailing Association Certified Detailer Details Matter LLCIt pays to deal with a trained and certified ceramic coating installer. You’ll receive a professional application by detailers who are trained to do the job the right way. So come on over to Details Matter for the best protective coating installer team in Florida, and we’ll send you away with the best protection for your car!