Removing Tough Contaminants With a Clay Bar

detailing clay barIt’s not always possible to remove every type of contaminant from the surface of a car using only water and soap. After washing and drying your car, put a plastic sandwich bag over your hand and touch the surface of the car. If the paint feels rough, it’s because there are contaminants fused to its surface that water alone cannot remove.

To remove the more difficult class of contaminants from car surfaces, clay bars are often used. A clay bar is an engineered resin compound that can be applied to paint, glass, fiberglass or metal surfaces without causing damage to the car but effectively removes the hardiest of contaminants.

Let’s look at some of the properties of the clay bar that make it a popular choice for cleaning cars among auto enthusiasts:


Clay bars are highly elastic, which means they carry excellent durability even while being stretched, rolled or flattened repeatedly against the car’s surface.

Removing Tough Dirt

They take care of the more difficult variety of contaminants, such as industrial debris and environmental fallout. The tiny particles stick to the surface of the clay and are thus separated from the paint.


Before being used, the clay bar is dipped in a lubricant or the lubricant is sprayed on the car’s surface. This helps ensure that the particles that stick to the clay bar do not create scratches on the surface of the car. Using fresh sides of the clay regularly through a single wash also reduces the chance of the dirtied clay spoiling the paint.

Safer Choice 

Detailing clay, as it is sometimes called, uses mild abrasives and is safe to use. Though detailers clay may introduce some micro-marring, this can be easily removed with a light polish.

Easy to Use

There are no complex preparations. You can simply wash and dry your car with water, spray lubricant over an area, and rub the clay bar across the area. Finally, polish off the area with a microfiber towel.

Thus we see that detailing clay is the best choice for removing the more stubborn contaminants from car surfaces. It leaves the car looking shiny and vibrant, and ensures that the beautiful paint job is not compromised by the presence of dirt particles.

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