Is Your Detailer a Member of the IDA?

International Detailing Association Certified Detailer Details Matter LLCOver the years, as customer demand for car detailing grew, more and more players joined the industry to cash in on the demand. Many of the new detailers had very little idea about the actual work of car detailing and often ended up doing more harm to cars than good.

The Need For IDA

There was a very clear need to set a certain standard of performance that car detailing companies could aspire to in order to provide the customer with quality detailing. That was how the IDA (International Detailing Association) came into the picture.

The IDA is a regulatory body with branches in many countries across the globe. The organization is committed to elevating the standards of performance in the detailing and car wash industry. In the past, anyone with a sponge, a bucket, some dish soap and turtle wax could set up shop claiming to be expert detailers. The IDA seeks to do away with such dubious self-styled professionals.

Here are the requirements for detailers to become members of the IDA:

  1. IDA members must undergo a required number of training hours under certified instructors, who will teach candidates about the science and technique behind professional grade car washing and detailing.
  2. Members are also supposed to be insured. Any mistakes made by the detailer gets covered by the insurance without the client having to pay for it, while the detailer has the added incentive not to make mistakes.
  3. A code of ethics is spelled out in the IDA manual that must be adhered to by its members. The code goes into the details of providing the most competent and professional service to customers, raising the standards of the industry with their performance, and making sure the activities of the company do not cause harm to the environment.

Assurance of Quality by Membership

Because of the steps the IDA takes to train its members, you can be assured that getting your car serviced by a member of the IDA guarantees top-notch professional service. There will be no chance of some untrained amateur using the wrong chemicals, tools or techniques on your car, leading to the vehicle getting damaged.

Thus, making sure your detailer a member of the IDA will go a long way towards ensuring that even the most serious problems that your car may suffer from are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Auto detailing customers should know the person they hire is skilled, qualified and properly insured. Using the wrong chemicals, tools or techniques can lead to damage to your vehicle. You should only hire a professional, just as you would only hire a licensed and insured contractor or auto mechanic.

Details Matter is proud to be a member of the IDA. Our Certified Detailers uphold the professional standards of the IDA and go above and beyond to provide the highest quality service to our clients. We’ve been serving the Melbourne, FL community for 10 years and look forward to helping you with your auto detailing and paint protection needs.

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