Interior Shampoo

Details Matter Interior Shampoo Service

This is a professional deep cleaning auto interior shampoo service. We begin by removing as much sand, dirt, and other debris from carpets and fabrics as possible. This step is crucial to achieving maximum cleaning deep down in the fibers so that stains will not resurface.

Our professional grade extractor soap will loosen ground in soil and stains to clean and brighten fabrics. Our hot water extraction process cleans deep down into the fibers to remove soiling and odors from fabrics. Lastly, we use a 3-step process to remove as much moisture as possible for less drying time.

Interior Shampoo Service Includes:

  • Vacuum area to be shampooed
  • Air purge area to be shampooed
  • Fabric safe soap and brush cleaning
  • Hot water extraction may be used to remove deep down soil
  • Extraction, compressed air and microfiber drying to ensure minimal dampness


Minimum $100 required if not a part of another service. Prices shown are a starting point. Actual cost depends on condition of vehicle. $500 minimum.


Factors that increase cost include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Type/Level of paint coating package chosen
  • Pet hair
  • Excessive sand
  • Food or spills
  • Excessive mud on exterior
  • Height of vehicle
  • Time in between details, etc.
  • Lift kits, or other modifications
  • Complex or intricate wheels, body panels, spoilers, etc.