Why Your New Audi Needs a Ceramic Coating

audi ceramic coatingAudis are becoming more popular among car enthusiasts, and for good reason. With a sleek and attractive yet conservative profile, an Audi is immediately recognized and respected by other drivers on the road. You want to keep turning heads in your new Audi for years to come, which is why it needs a ceramic coating.

A Ceramic Coating is the Best Protection Around

The Audi is a rising star of the car world, and ceramic coatings are the latest and greatest in paint protection technology. Utilizing advanced nanotechnology, a ceramic coating will fill in the imperceptible gaps in your car’s paint to offer protection you can’t find anywhere else. The sleek surface of a car with a ceramic coating will resist minor scratches and keep contaminants like acid rain, bird droppings, and bug splatter from damaging your paint.

Only One Application

A ceramic coating will form a chemical bond with your car’s paint, unlike other products that work at the surface level and need to be reapplied constantly. Gone are the days of worrying about whether or not your paint is still protected by that wax you applied a few months ago. With a ceramic coating, one application is all you need for long-lasting protection.

Extreme Hydrophobicity

Ceramic coatings are extremely hydrophobic, so water beads up and rolls off instead of sitting on your paint and causing corrosion. This super hydrophobicity is something that is not found in most other paint protection products, and it will not only protect your paint but make your car easier to clean.

A Glossy Finish

As if all of that weren’t enough, ceramic coatings will also leave your new Audi with that sleek and glossy look that you rarely see outside of car magazines. This glossy look is just as long-lasting as the protection so your Audi will still be turning heads for years to come.

Interior Protection

audi ceramic coating interiorA surface coating will help the interior of your new Audi stay in good condition. Your interior gets a ton of wear and tear just like the exterior. Be sure to protect the interior surfaces, such as the plastic dashboard, interior panels, fabric and leather seats, and floor mats. Learn more about how to protect your car’s interior surfaces here.

At Details Matter we are proud to offer the two top brands of ceramic coatings: Ceramic Pro and Opti-Coat Pro. We serve car enthusiasts throughout Florida and beyond from our Melbourne location. Contact us today for more information on paint protection and ceramic coatings to learn how we can help you protect your new Audi.