Want Superior Surface Protection for Your New Porsche? Apply a Ceramic Coating

ceramic coating on your porscheA new Porsche is not cheap, but you didn’t need us to tell you that. Any time you get a new car this expensive there can be some anxiety about taking it out for a spin. What if it rains? What if it gets scratched up in the parking lot? Shouldn’t your new sports car be a joy to ride and a pleasure to drive? If you’re anxious about wear and tear on your new Porsche all the time, doesn’t it defeat the purpose of owning one?

Fortunately, making an additional minor investment in your car will go a long way in giving you peace of mind about driving it.

Paint protection technology has come a long way. These days, the best way to protect your investment and keep it looking cool for years to come is a ceramic coating for your Porsche, and here’s why.

Ceramic Coatings Protect Your Porsche’s Surfaces

Even everyday driving can put a beating on your car’s exterior surfaces. Ceramic coatings provide a hard protective layer that bonds with your car’s paint and can’t be penetrated by biological contaminants such as bug splatter and bird droppings. The damage from rock chips and minor scratches is also reduced. That protection alone will help keep your in great condition, but there are even more benefits.

Ceramic Coatings Form A Long-Lasting Bond

Your money isn’t limitless, and neither is your time. That’s why it’s so annoying to constantly reapply wax to your car. Unlike wax, ceramic coatings form a hard, long-lasting bond with your car’s paint. This permanent bond means that we apply the ceramic coating on your Porsche once and you will have a level of protection that surpasses and outlasts any other existing wax or paint protection product.

Ceramic Coatings Are Hydrophobic

Since ceramic coatings are hydrophobic water just rolls right off, but from a practical standpoint what does this mean? It means water and other contaminants won’t stick to the surface of the coating. That makes your car easier to clean since dirt and other contaminants can be easily washed away.

Ceramic Coatings Work For Interiors Too

porsche interior ceramic coatingYou want to make sure that every inch of your Porsche is protected, and many ceramic coatings have formulations that can protect interior surfaces as well. Ceramic coatings can safeguard interior plastic and leather surfaces from liquids, dust, and UV damage. Interior ceramic coatings will also provide resistance to scratches and scuffs, keeping your interior looking fresh and new to impress your passengers.

A ceramic coating for your Porsche can provide permanent protection to both the interior and the exterior. At Details Matter we have years of experience installing ceramic coatings. Check out Ceramic Pro’s Porsche Club of America ceramic coating package.

We are proud to be a certified Ceramic Pro installer and we look forward to the opportunity to install a ceramic coating on your Porsche. Contact us today for more details about our prestige auto detailing and paint protection services in Melbourne, Florida and the surrounding area.