How to Protect Your Car & Paint From Florida Weather

protect car paint florida weatherFlorida’s tropical climate often seems idyllic to visitors, who rave about the cool summer breeze wafting the scent of the ocean into the mainland, while regular rainfall keeps the temperature from growing too hot or cold.

Unfortunately, the effect of so much humidity and salty air on your car is far from idyllic. Let’s talk about some of the grim effects that Florida’s weather can have on vehicles:

Salty Air

If you live near the Space Coast or spend a lot of time there, you’ll be familiar with the salt in the air that carries its own distinct fragrance. That salt has a nasty habit of sticking to your car’s exteriors and then causing a corrosion of its metal surface, in addition to messing with the paint job.

Tropical Heat

The heat is very unkind to the car’s surface. Breakdown of a car’s paint and the corrosive actions of the wind and moisture get accelerated.

Protecting Cars from Florida Weather with Ceramic Coating

Fortunately, ceramic coatings provide an effective method to protect car paint against the elements and the harshest kind of weather that Florida has to offer:

Strong Bond

Ceramic nanocoatings form a powerful adhesive bond with the car surface that doesn’t peel off or get washed off in the rain. This permanent bond makes ceramic coatings a good value over the life of your car.

Powerful Protection

Ceramic coating provides strong protection to your car’s paint job and shields it from the effects of acids and chemicals.

Hydrophobic Surface

Since the ceramic coating is hydrophobic in nature, any rain or salty water that strikes the car rolls right off.

Learn more about the benefits of ceramic coatings for your car’s exterior in this article.

protect car paint from florida weatherSo remember to take the needs of your car into account the next time you go out for a drive in Florida, and protect your car’s paint with a powerful covering of ceramic nanocoating! Details Matter serves Brevard County, FL and the surrounding area with prestige auto detailing services including ceramic paint protection. Contact us today to learn how a ceramic coating can protect your car’s exterior finish.