Protecting Your Car’s Interior is Just as Important as Protecting the Exterior

protecting car interiorMost types of treatments geared towards protecting your car focus on the car’s exterior, but the interior of the vehicle is just as vulnerable to external contaminants and needs to be protected. Let’s look at an important ceramic paint coating option for protecting car interiors. Today we’re featuring professional interior coatings.

Car Fabric and Leather Protection

Every time your car is used, its interiors are subjected to dirt and contaminants that can damage and stain the fabric and leather surfaces. The seats, carpet and floor mats are especially vulnerable and are nearly impossible to keep clean under normal conditions. It becomes imperative to protect the upholstery against aging and degradation, and one of the best ways to do so is with the help of a protective coating. In our detailing business, we use interior surface protectants manufactured by Ceramic Pro and Opti-Coat. Let’s take a look at the technology behind these products.

Coatings for Car Interior Fabrics

Surface coatings that are used in the vehicle’s interior have been developed to modify the surface of the textile. They provide excellent protection and durability for the interior of the car by coating the fabric surface so that when liquids come into contact with it, they bead and roll off without penetrating or staining. This enables textiles, including cloth convertible tops to resist water and dust without affecting the factory look and feel of the fabric.

Leather and Vinyl Coatings

Details Matter Ceramic Pro LeatherInterior coatings for leather and vinyl provide a water-resistant surface with the help of a special formula which protects the seats and dashboard from premature aging, cracking and UV damage. The super hydrophobic properties of this protectant mean liquids bead up and are easily wiped off without damaging the surface.

Dirt and grime are less likely to become ingrained into your leather and vinyl surfaces. The coatings make use of advanced technology which creates a strong and flexible coating for soft surfaces and provides high resistance to chemicals.

Protecting Plastic Surfaces     

Don’t forget the plastic surfaces of your car’s interior. Dust and debris can collect on them and they are subject to spills as well. The dashboard is particularly susceptible to UV damage. An interior coating designed for plastic surfaces will keep these areas protected and stain-free due to its hydrophobic properties and UV resistance.

Details Matter Ceramic Pro PlasticUse of protective coating on your car’s interior surfaces provides long-term protection, making them easier to clean and keeping your car cleaner longer. Using a coating specifically made for car interiors, such as Ceramic Pro and Opti-Guard will protect your car’s interior and ensure it stays looking new. As a certified installer for both Ceramic Pro and Opti-Coat Pro (including Opti-Guard), Details Matter will provide professional application of exterior and interior coatings to keep your car protected for years to come. Contact us for professional protective coating installation and high-end professional detailing in Melbourne, FL and the surrounding area.