Tips For Protecting Your New Ferrari and Exterior and Interior

Owning a brand new Ferrari is a matter of great pride and joy, but also of concern. You’ve just made a huge investment and you want to protect it.

Here are some tips for protecting your new Ferrari’s exterior and interior surfaces:

Paint Protection Package vs Ceramic Coating

protect ferrari exteriorMost car dealerships offer a paint protection package for new cars to protect their exteriors. The package can include products like Permaplate and Cilajet, which are polymer sealants designed to provide a protective layer for your car.

However, a ceramic coating is a superior car paint protection product that uses advanced nanotechnology and provides a far more durable layer of protection than the polymer variety. You get a warranty for the ceramic coating, which forms a powerful adhesive bond with your car’s surface, resists all manners of contaminants and doesn’t need to be reapplied.

Don’t Take off the Car Wrap and Interior Coverings

Your first instinct might be to completely peel off the protective layer from your new Ferrari to admire your car in all its shiny glory but hold off for a bit. You need to deliver your car to the detailer with the new car wrap intact. Keep the floor mat covers and seat covers where they are. This will ensure that the ceramic coating is applied to pristine interior and exterior surfaces.

Avoid the Car Wash

hand wash ferrariImproper washing and drying of your car can do more harm than good. It’s important to hand wash and dry your car using techniques that avoid grinding dirt into the paint, resulting in scratches. Autogeek has some excellent tips for properly washing and drying your car.

A ceramic coating will help prevent the damage caused by bug splatter and bird droppings. However, if your car does not have a protective coating, it’s imperative that you clean these acidic substances off of your car’s paint before they do damage.

Apply a Protectant to Interior Surfaces

protect ferrari interiorThe seats, carpet and floor mats are especially vulnerable to wear and tear and stains. They are nearly impossible to keep clean under normal conditions. A protective coating will help protect the upholstery, leather, and plastic surfaces against aging and degradation. In our detailing business, we use interior surface protectants manufactured by Ceramic Pro and Opti-Coat. Both have hydrophobic properties which means liquids will bead up and are easily wiped off without damaging the surface. Learn more about protecting your car’s interior surfaces here.

These tips for protecting your new Ferrari’s exterior and interior will help ensure your car enjoys a long life and provides you with years of joy and satisfaction. At Details Matter, it’s our mission to provide prestige auto detailing services to help you maintain the appearance of your new car. Contact us today for an appointment to discuss our detailing and ceramic coating options.

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