Protecting Your New Luxury Car

Protecting Your New Luxury CarYou’ve just dropped $50,000 on a new luxury car. It looks pristine – shiny paint, gleaming rims, and spotless windshield. And, of course, the interior has that new car smell. You want to keep it looking brand new for as long as you own it. Is that even possible? Yes, it is, but you’ll need to do a few things right away to ensure that the environment, road debris, UV rays, weather, and careless individuals don’t ruin your car’s factory finish and interior.

By taking a proactive approach to protecting your new luxury car, there are several key areas which can be treated that will keep your car looking like new.

Exterior New Car Paint Protection

When your car is brand new, there may be tiny scratches on the factory paint surface that are imperceptible. If the dealership removes the new car’s wrapping or has washed the car, the finish will probably already have imperfections when you purchase it. Many car dealerships will offer a new car protection package. Unfortunately, they will be applying a protective coating over these flaws in the paint. In addition, the quality of the products and service at a dealership are inferior to those provided by a certified auto detailer.

A better alternative is to have the new car delivered to an auto detailer that can provide a new car paint protection package, including a ceramic paint coating. Have the dealership leave the wrapping on the car. This will protect its pristine factory paint so that the ceramic coating can be applied to a new surface that has minimal scratches and environmental damage.

Details Matter LLCIf the car has already been washed or the surface is not perfect, your detailer will decontaminate the painted surface and polish it before applying the ceramic coating. Ceramic paint coatings provide permanent protection and work at the molecular level to bind to the car’s surface, creating a sacrificial layer that will not delaminate. They are much harder than waxes or polymer sealants and offer substantially more scratch resistance, chemical resistance, and heat tolerance. Ceramic coatings repel water and are very slick, therefore your vehicle stays clean longer and is easier to clean.

If applied by a certified installer, many ceramic coating products such as Ceramic Pro and Opti-Coat Pro have long warranty periods. This makes ceramic paint coatings an excellent choice for new car protection.

Interior Conditioning and Protection

The exterior of your car isn’t the only area that takes a beating. Everyday use of a car can take a toll on its interior. By conditioning and protecting the interior surfaces of your vehicle, you’ll keep it looking clean and the protective layer will make it easier to wipe off as well. Proper treatment of interior surfaces, such as the use of a ceramic coating meant for the interior, will reduce UV damage and resist scuff marks on the car’s interior plastic surfaces.

Fabric Protection

Spills are an inevitable part of car ownership. It’s important to protect the car’s fabric and leather seats. Using a ceramic coating made specifically for textiles and leather will create a hydrophobic surface which repels liquid and resists stains. By treating the fabric surfaces of your new car right away, you’ll decrease the chance of spills ruining your car’s upholstery.

Tire Dressing

Don’t overlook the importance of protecting your tires when you’re caring for your new luxury car. Tire dressing offers more than just clean, new-looking tires. A high-quality tire treatment will provide protection against drying, fading, and cracking.

Your tires will be subjected to the environment, dirt, and debris, but a good protective finish will minimize the impact of this exposure and make cleaning your tires and wheels a breeze.

The Benefits of Protecting Your New Car

Auto Detailing Maintenance PackagesBeyond the aesthetics of maintaining your luxury car’s new appearance, there are added benefits of including a ceramic coating in your new car protection package:

  • A ceramic coating provides a surface which resists dirt and repels water resulting in less maintenance
  • Protection against minor scratches, rock chips, oxidation, acid rain, bird droppings and bugs
  • Oxidation and corrosion are minimized

Your new car is an important investment and one that you will enjoy for many years to come. The best choice for the care of your new luxury car is to apply a protective ceramic coating to your vehicle’s interior and exterior. Details Matter recommends that you have your car treated as soon as possible after purchase. Contact us today to discuss your new car protection options. We’re located in Melbourne, FL, and will travel throughout the area to provide the best exterior and interior car protection services available.