The Best Way to Repair Car Paint Chips

My car’s paint is chipped. What’s the best way to repair it?

paint chip repair
Photo courtesy of Dr. Color Chip

One of the most common questions we get is from car owners who notice that their car’s paint is chipped. They want to know the best way to repair car paint chips. They often wonder if they can do it themselves or if they should have the chipped paint repaired professionally.

Car paint was never designed to last forever. On a daily basis, it is assaulted by environmental pollutants, chemicals, and rocks. All of this results in the paint getting chipped and peeling off. The absence of paint on a spot on the car’s surface is known as a paint chip or a rock chip.

We highly recommend repairing rock chips during regular detailing services and before applying a ceramic coating. You’ll want the surface to look as good as possible before applying the coating, so it’s worth it to take the extra step to repair the paint chips beforehand.

Repairing Chipped Paint on Your Car

Various repair kits are available on the market which promise to reduce the visibility of paint chips. The process of paint chip repair involves filling in the empty spots on the car’s surface with paint and then blending the new paint with the old paint surrounding it, as much as possible. This method is effective for paint chips up to the size of a pencil eraser.

Sometimes, car owners try to get around the problem of fixing a paint chip using cheaper methods, like using a dealership paint pen or touch up paint to fill in the spot. The result looks messy and ultimately spoils the appearance of the car just like the paint chip did in the first place.

The goal is to repair the rock chip so it looks closer to the original condition before the chip happened. How do you get the best results?

Using a Professional Product

rock chip repair
Photo courtesy of Dr. Color Chip

To get the best results from a paint chip repair job, it’s important that you use a professional grade product that provides the perfect color match. Dr. Color Chip is one such product on the market which has an established reputation for providing an effective repair for rock chips. Here’s the rundown of how a professional detailer can use the repair kit to make the paint on your car look good:

  1. First, the area which needs the new paint is treated by removing any traces of the old paint or rust.
  2. Next, a brush or other applicator is used to apply a new layer of paint over the empty spot on the car surface.
  3. Then a blending solution removes any excess paint that may have gathered at the spot being treated.

The entire process gets finished quickly and yields professional results. So try the service out next time you have your car detailed. We’re confident you will be happy with the results! And consider applying a ceramic coating to your car to help minimize paint chipping.

Details Matter provides rock chip and paint chip repair. When you’re looking for the best way to repair car paint chips, contact us for prestige auto detailing and ceramic coating installation in the Melbourne, FL area.