How to Correctly Care for Satin Finish Car Paint

clean satin finish car paintJust about every car you see on the road today has a smooth, glossy finish. There’s nothing wrong with this of course, but if you want your car to really stand out from the crowd you need something unique. Satin finish paint is gaining in popularity among auto enthusiasts, giving a flat but striking look to your car.

One thing to keep in mind is that you can’t care for satin finish car paint the same way you do gloss paints. Below we give a few tips on how to correctly care for your car’s satin finish paint.

How to Correctly Care for Satin Finish Car Paint

Use the Right Products

It’s not a good idea to use products designed for glossy paint finishes to care for satin finish car paint. Products designed for gloss paints usually contain agents meant to enhance the glossy nature, and that is the last thing you want with satin paints. It’s a good idea to avoid anything that is meant to be abrasive as that can ruin the satin paint’s ability to absorb light, which is what gives it a unique appearance. Neutral, wax-free products are recommended for satin finish car paint.

Wash Carefully and Often

Satin finishes are more susceptible to damage than their glossier counterparts. Additionally, because of how even and flat the finish is, damage that does occur is much more noticeable than on glossy paints that can get away with some minor imperfections. All of this means it’s very important to utilize proper washing techniques. Using a pressure washer to get rid of anything abrasive before you actually wash the car is highly recommended, as even tiny specks of grit can cause damage to the paint when rubbed in with a cloth or sponge.

satin finish car paintThe important thing to remember when it comes to caring for satin finish car paint is that it is not meant to reflect light like gloss paints are. Satin reflects more light than full-on matte finishes, but products and techniques designed for gloss paints are inappropriate when used to care for satin finish car paint.

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