What are Ceramic Coatings for Car Paint and Why Should I Care?

ceramic coating for car paint on BMWFor new car buyers, the intense joy of owning a brand new car is equaled only by the agony of watching the paint on their brand new vehicle get damaged from environmental debris, oxidation or scratches.

That is why car enthusiasts are forever on a quest to find the best protection for their car’s paint that the industry has to offer. In the past, this protection took the shape of a wax job for your car that provided little protection against real threats and wore off in a few months, at best.

It’s high time car owners were given a better alternative to car wax, and the answer lies in a revolutionary new paint protection technology known as nano-ceramic protective paint coatings, also known as ceramic coatings.

The Science Behind the Coating

Ceramic coatings work by forming a ceramic layer consisting of either SiO2 or SiC which bonds to the surface of car paint. The coating fills in the porous spaces on the paint’s exterior which provides a smooth, slick surface and a rich glossy look to the paint.

Why You Should Use a Ceramic Coating

There are many reasons why more and more car enthusiasts are placing their faith in ceramic coatings as the optimal method to protect the look of their cars:

ceramic coating by Details Matter1) One application of ceramic coating will last several years, eliminating the need for regular trips to your local car detail shop and saving you time and money.

2) The look of the car is greatly improved, and the paint ends up looking far more glossy than before. That glossy look sustains for a long time instead of fading away in a couple of weeks or less.

3) No chemicals, such as those found in wash detergents or acid rain can remove the coating and any water based contaminants will simply slide off, thanks to the ceramic coating’s hydrophobic nature which does not allow water to stick its surface.

If you care about protecting the exterior finish of your car and its appearance, put your faith in a ceramic coating. It will protect your car’s paint for many years to come.

Details Matter in Melbourne, FL, is a prestige auto detailing service, specializing in ceramic coating installation. Certified to install Ceramic Pro and Opti-Coat Pro, we will help you determine the right nano-ceramic coating for your needs. Contact us for an appointment today.

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