Wash & Wax Plus

Details Matter Wash & Wax Plus

Everyone wants a clean, shiny vehicle and our Wash & Wax Plus will leave your vehicle looking and feeling great! We will gently clean your exterior with professional grade products for optimum results. Then we protect your paint with a spray on synthetic sealant or wax.

Your interior is vacuumed and air purged to remove dirt, sand, dust and other debris. Whether you intend to sell or trade in your vehicle, or you just want a clean car to drive, our Wash & Wax Plus will give you the results you are looking for.

  • Full-service hand wash and microfiber dry
  • Cleaning of wheels, wheel wells, and tires
  • Removal of tar, bug splatter and road grime
  • Dress tires and wheel wells
  • Application of Polymer Sealant / Synthetic Wax
  • Interior vacuum and Air Purge
  • Clean interior windows

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Prices shown are a starting point, actual cost depends on condition of vehicle. Additional Charges for Mobile Service.

Factors that increase cost include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Type/Level of paint coating package chosen
  • Pet hair
  • Excessive sand
  • Bio-hazards
  • Food or spills
  • Excessive mud on exterior
  • Height of vehicle
  • Time in between details, etc.
  • Lift kits, or other modifications
  • Complex or intricate wheels, body panels, spoilers, etc.