Auto Detailing Services

Exterior Auto Detailing

All Exterior Detailing Services receive a Full Service hand wash and micro fiber dry, cleaning of wheels, wheel wells and tires, removal of tar, bug splatter and road grime.

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We offer contaminant removal and machine polishing to enhance the clarity and deepen the gloss of your vehicle's paint. We also provide paint chip repair, installation of 3M Pro Series Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra) and several long-term paint protection options.

Additional Exterior Detailing Services Include: Headlight restoration, convertible top cleaning/conditioning, engine shampoo and cleaning service and glass treatment.

Interior Auto Detailing

Interior Auto Detailing Services include: Fabric Protection, Carpet Shampooing, Seat Shampooing, Leather Cleaning, Leather Conditioning, Vehicle Interior Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning. All vehicle interior cleaning and detailing services receive a complete air purging and vacuuming to loosen and remove dirt, excess debris and dust. All windows and mirrors are cleaned.

Our interior cleaners and dressings are professional grade and made specifically for automotive detailing. They are safe and effective! All of our products are environmentally friendly, VOC compliant, and achieve the very best results.


Take a moment to view our additional detailing services below:

Ford Mustang Polish

Polish & Seal Package

Cleans and reconditions your automobile’s paint, and removes minor imperfections and oxidation.

Wash Wax Package Melbourne FL

Wash & Wax Plus

Want a clean and shiny vehicle? Wash & Wax Plus will leave your vehicle looking and feeling great!

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Sell Your Car Package

When people shop for a pre-owned vehicle, they search for one that has been well-maintained.

Interior Shampoo Melbourne FL

Interior Shampoo

Details Matter's professional multi-step deep cleaning auto interior shampoo service. 

Details Matter LLC.

VIP Maintenance Packages

First your vehicle’s wheels, wheel wells, and tires are cleaned to remove brake dust and dirt. Then we remove road grime and other contaminants from the lower body panels of your vehicle. The front fascia is cleaned to safely remove bug splatter residue. We dress your tires and wheel wells to ensure a clean appearance.

Then we gently wash your vehicle with our low-pressure wash system and dry it with plush microfiber towels. We also apply a paint protection of your choosing. The interior is vacuumed and air purged. Special attention is given to clean mirrors and windows.