Interior Detailing Service

This is a complete interior cleaning. The vehicle's interior is first vacuumed, and air purged to loosen and remove dirt and dust particles from floorboards, seat pleats, rear shelf, and all cracks and crevices. All vinyl and leather components and trim are cleaned. Special attention is given to the dashboard, consoles, door panels, and pockets, all interior cracks and crevices, between consoles and seats, AC vents, steering columns and door jambs. Leather surfaces are lightly cleaned and conditioned. All interior windows, mirrors, and gauges are cleaned.

We use the correct commercial grade detailing equipment and products to make your interior look, feel, and smell like new again.

Our interior detailing services include:

  • Vacuum interior
  • Air Purge interior
  • Dust / wipe down interior surfaces
  • Clean vents, around dials, knobs and other hard to reach areas
  • Light cleaning/conditioning of Leather Surfaces
  • Clean interior windows


Cost depends on size condition of vehicle.

Factors that increase cost include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Pet hair
  • Excessive sand
  • Bio-hazards
  • Food or spills
  • Excessive mud on exterior
  • Height of vehicle
  • Lift kits, or other modifications