Ceramic Interior Coating Packages

Ceramic Interior Coatings are the ultimate in protection for your vehicle’s interior surfaces.

Ceramic Fabric Coatings will create a hydrophobic protective layer on your vehicle’s fabrics, repelling liquids and resisting stains. Ceramic Plastic Coatings form a protective layer for plastic surfaces, protecting them from scuff marks and UV damage. Ceramic Leather Coatings will make your leather hydrophobic and lessen the chance of it becoming soiled or stained.

We carry an exceptional Ceramic Interior Coating brand, Ceramic Pro. The manufacturer offers warranties for their interior packages. Ask one of our friendly staff members for more information.

Ceramic Interior Coating is Perfect for:

  • Interior Fabrics
  • Interior Plastic Surfaces
  • Interior Leather Surfaces

What is Interior Ceramic Coating?

Interior ceramic coatings can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces within your vehicle, extending the life of your car and protecting it from damage. By applying a ceramic coating to leather, fabric, plastic, rubber or carpet on the interior of a vehicle, you can extend its longevity and beauty because this extra layer of protection, dirt, and debris have much greater difficulty sticking to the coating.

As an added benefit, applying interior ceramic coating reduces clean-up as well. Your car will have extra protection from spills as they are less likely to soak into the upholstery or material. A spilled liquid is far less likely to soak through the ceramic coating barrier even with prolonged exposure because of the hydrophobic properties of these coatings.

There are many other benefits that come with having an interior coating applied to your automobile's interiors. These types of coatings make vacuuming and wiping down surfaces much easier than regular old cleaning products would achieve.

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