A Comparison of Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Coatings

With the different options available in automobile paint protection, it may be difficult to determine which type of protection is best for your car. You may be considering paint protection film or a ceramic coating. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Perhaps the best way to decide is to carefully compare the two and think about your typical driving conditions and the potential damage that you want to prevent. As you’ll see, you may even want to combine the two … Read More

Tesla Owners: A Ceramic Coating is Your Best Choice for Eco-Friendly Paint Protection

These days, “cool” isn’t synonymous with “fast” or “impractical.” Your new Tesla is gorgeous and eco-friendly, with a good amount of power to boot. A Tesla doesn’t come cheap, though, and the best way to protect your investment and ensure you’ve spent your money well is with a ceramic coating. So, what is a ceramic coating, and why is it the right choice for your Tesla? The Basics of Ceramic Coatings Ceramic coatings form a permanent chemical bond with your car’s paint. In recent years, this technology has been developed and … Read More