The Best Way to Repair Car Paint Chips

My car’s paint is chipped. What’s the best way to repair it? One of the most common questions we get is from car owners who notice that their car’s paint is chipped. They want to know the best way to repair car paint chips. They often wonder if they can do it themselves or if they should have the chipped paint repaired professionally. Car paint was never designed to last forever. On a daily basis, it is assaulted by environmental … Read More

How to Protect Your Car & Paint From Florida Weather

Florida’s tropical climate often seems idyllic to visitors, who rave about the cool summer breeze wafting the scent of the ocean into the mainland, while regular rainfall keeps the temperature from growing too hot or cold. Unfortunately, the effect of so much humidity and salty air on your car is far from idyllic. Let’s talk about some of the grim effects that Florida’s weather can have on vehicles: Salty Air If you live near the Space Coast or spend a … Read More

Why You Should Choose a Certified Ceramic Coating Installer

The process of installing a ceramic nanocoating to the surface of automobiles has revolutionized the way vehicle exteriors are protected. Ceramic Pro and Opti-Coat Pro ceramic coatings impart a super-strong, permanent bond to the surface of cars, protecting against all kinds of environmental and human-inflicted damage.  It’s important to choose a certified ceramic coating installer to get the best results. Creating a Proper Coating The process of applying the nanocoating to the car surface is complex and requires detailed training to … Read More

The Value of Ceramic Paint Coatings

You’ve heard how great ceramic paint coatings are, but you’re not sure if they are worth the investment? A comparison of wax and ceramic coatings will help. Ceramic Paint Coatings are the latest advancement in paint protection. Ceramic Coatings are better than waxes and sealants in almost every way. They are harder, more durable, more heat tolerant and last much longer. Wax vs. Ceramic Paint Coating Price is the one objection many people have to Ceramic Coatings, which can cost … Read More

How Ceramic Pro Protects Your Car & Exterior Finish

The most vulnerable part of a car is its exterior surface. Every time you go for a drive, your car’s exterior is subjected to environmental pollutants, dirty fingers and innumerable scratches that might not be visible to the naked eye, but which severely depreciate the value of your vehicle. In our detailing business, we’ve seen every kind of damage possible. Automobile owners and car enthusiasts are searching for ways to protect their car’s exterior finish. There are many options available, from … Read More

A Comparison of Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Coatings

With the different options available in automobile paint protection, it may be difficult to determine which type of protection is best for your car. You may be considering paint protection film or a ceramic coating. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Perhaps the best way to decide is to carefully compare the two and think about your typical driving conditions and the potential damage that you want to prevent. As you’ll see, you may even want to combine the two … Read More