Top Reasons Your Mercedes Benz Needs a Ceramic Coating

mercedes ceramic coatingWhen it comes to cars, nothing can outclass a Mercedes Benz. Mercedes cars are easily distinguishable by their luxurious interiors and striking designs that reimagine classic car aesthetics. They also, as you know, don’t come cheap.

You want to maintain that luxurious appearance and retain the value of your car, so how do you go about protecting your new Mercedes? One way is to apply a ceramic coating. So what exactly is so great about a ceramic coating?

Why Does Your Mercedes Need a Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coatings offer superior protection

Ceramic coatings utilize the latest in advanced nanotechnology. Ceramic coatings work by filling in the pores in the paint of your car, creating a permanent, hard surface that will resist minor scratches and keep corrosive contaminants from causing damage. Ceramic coatings from companies such as Ceramic Pro have 3 – 4 times the hardness of a regular clear coat. Your factory paint job will be protected and preserved.

Ceramic coatings keep your car looking great

In addition to providing unparalleled protection, ceramic coatings will give your new car a sleek, mirror-like shine that will last for years to come. You can easily maintain this freshly waxed look without ever having to wax your car. Opti-Coat is 100 times thicker than a typical wax coating and will not wash away or break down over time.

Ceramic coatings require less maintenance

Ceramic coatings form a permanent bond with the paint of your car, unlike other products that require frequent reapplications. In addition, the sleek surface created by the ceramic coating will prevent dirt, dust, and other particles from sticking to the paint, which means car washes will be easier and won’t need to be done as frequently.

Ceramic coatings are extremely hydrophobic

mercedes ceramic coatingThe hydrophobic nature of a ceramic coating will cause water to bead up and roll off of your car instead of sitting on the paint and causing corrosion. Hydrophobicity is key to protecting your car’s paint, and you simply won’t find this level of water resistance in most other paint protection products.

A ceramic coating provides a superior protective layer that is chemical resistant, harder than factory clear coating, hydrophobic and permanent – all in one product.

At Details Matter we carry two of the top brands of ceramic coatings: Ceramic Pro and Opti-Coat Pro and we’re certified installers of both. You’ll have the peace of mind that the work will be done by an expert technician who stands by their work. You can visit us at our Melbourne, Florida location or contact us today for more information on applying a ceramic coating to your new car.