Professional Detailing vs. The Bucket Brigade

If you have ever looked for someone to detail your car you know there is no shortage of “detailers” out there. Everything from brick and mortar establishments to a guy with a bucket and sponge in the trunk of his car.

Detailing is an easy profession to get into. There is no official license, such as those for general contractors. There is no governing body to oversee detailers to ensure they are legit.

There are thousands of people with little or no training calling themselves “detailers”. One Professional Detailer referred to these untrained detailers as “The Bucket Brigade”.

Be Sure You’re Getting Professional Detailing

As a consumer, you want to be sure you are dealing with true professionals. Here are some things you need know:

  • Are they a legitimate business? Are they registered as a business with local and federal authorities? Are their employees on payroll and covered by Worker’s Comp insurance?
  • Do they carry the proper insurances for their profession? Different types of insurance are needed for specific types of work, such as automotive, marine, transporting vehicles, etc.
  • Are they professionally trained? Can they provide certificates validating them as “professional detailers”?
  • Are they using the latest and best in professional detailing products and tools? Inferior products and tools will produce inferior results.

Even when using established companies, such as carwashes and dealership detail shops you have to be careful about who is working on your car. Dealerships, for example, often outsource detailing or hire high school kids with no formal training.

Detailing is both a science and an art. It takes knowledge of proper techniques and honed skills to produce superior results. It is also a service industry, and customers should feel confident their detailer has the insurance to cover their investment. Make sure your Detailer is a true professional.

If you want to be sure you are doing business with a detailing professional, ask the above questions. If you would like more information about professional detailing, please contact Details Matter. As a certified ceramic coating installer and a member of the IDA, we provide exceptional auto detailing service in the Melbourne, FL area.