What Your New 3M PPF Will do to Protect Your Car

3M PPF FerrariDo you often worry about the appearance of your car? We don’t blame you, it’s a big investment and at the end of the day everyone wants to have the nicest looking car on the block. It seems like there are a million miracle products out there that promise permanent and complete protection for your car, but they can’t all be that great, can they?

Since you’re here reading this you’re clearly the type to do your homework and in this article we’re going to talk about a tried and true method of protecting your car: 3M Paint Protection Film.

The Benefits of a Paint Protection Film

A paint protection film is a urethane film with high resistance to impacts and acid. A PPF is best at protecting your car from rock chips and other flying debris, as well as things like bug splatter and bird droppings.

One unique feature of paint protection films is their self-healing ability. Small scratches and minor abrasions will quickly disappear from the film leaving it looking as fresh as the day it was installed.

Essentially, like any other paint protection product, a PPF is designed to keep your car looking nicer for longer. PPFs have their own unique strengths and weaknesses and work best when combined with another product like a ceramic coating.

What Sets 3M PPF Apart

3M is the original in the PPF game. Originally developed for military use on helicopter rotor blades during Vietnam, 3M saw the potential and brought the ideas from their paint protection films into the consumer market.

The new and improved 3M PPF features a film that is 10% thicker than competitors like SunTek and a clear coat that is a staggering 100% thicker, making this one of the thickest and most durable films currently on the market.

3M is also now offering a comprehensive 10-year warranty, including an optional 5-year paint warranty that covers everything protected by your new 3M PPF, including repair and repainting services.

Keep in mind that while a PPF is a great tool for protecting your car, it’s a tool that is best used in the hands of professionals. Installing a 3M PPF requires specialized knowledge and should only be undertaken by trained installers.

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