Should I Invest in Ceramic Coating for my new Camaro?

ceramic paint protection new camaroGetting a new Camaro can be a time of great joy and excitement. But for any genuine car enthusiast, that excitement is tempered by anxiety as you contemplate the Camaro’s glittering new exterior and pristine interior and imagine what just a few days on the road will do to all that shiny polish, leather seats and chrome wheels.

The best way to ensure your Camaro’s shine does not fade away mere days after you purchase it is to invest in paint protection and protective coatings for the interior surfaces. Of all the protection techniques that the market offers, ceramic coatings guarantee the best results for many reasons:

Strong Bond

The usual paint protection methods like car waxing work at a very superficial level. That is why such products wear off within a few months, necessitating a continuous cycle of putting on a fresh layer every few months.

On the other hand, ceramic paint protection forms a chemical bond with your vehicle that never wears off. You’re saved the headache of repeatedly checking the coating to see if it needs a new layer added to it.

Rust Protection

Rust occurs when water in the atmosphere reacts against the exterior of cars, resulting in oxidation. With ceramic new car paint protection, the coating surface is super hydrophobic, meaning water just rolls off, making it less likely for rust to form on the car’s surface.

Additionally, a variety of other chemical and foreign contaminants that may target your Camaro are easily resisted by the ceramic coating which has been specially formulated to create a durable, chemical resistant surface minimizing damage to the car’s exterior.

Fewer Scratches 

paint protection new camaroThe spider web-like scratches we see on many cars are typically caused by routine washing, especially when improper techniques or equipment are used. These can be very unsightly, and dull your car’s shine.

Ceramic coatings can reduce minor scratches, thanks to the hard, durable protective layer they form on the surface of your car. Your car’s paint will look great for years.

Glossy, Permanent Protection

Ceramic coating not only provides permanent protection but also gives cars a glossy, wet look that does not fade away over time.

Interior Surfaces are Protected

Your car’s new interior will not stay in good condition for long without protecting the surfaces from damage. We recommend applying interior protection as soon as possible after you purchase your new Camaro. It only takes one spill to stain and ruin your seats and floor mats. Ceramic Pro and Opti-Guard both offer a complete line of interior protection products and we use them in our detailing service as they provide a superior hydrophobic layer of protection. You can read more about interior protection here.

Wheel & Caliper Protection

Ceramic Pro Wheel & CaliperYour new Camaro’s wheels are perhaps the part of the car that will be most subjected to abuse. Dirt build-up and brake dust will quickly cover the surface. Brake dust is made up of hot metal, which will cause damage to the wheel if unprotected. A ceramic coating applied to the wheels or rims and calipers will make cleaning them a breeze. The surface of the wheel or rim will be so smooth that brake dust and other containments will wash off easily.

A Word of Advice from Details Matter

We recommend bringing your new car to us with the protective wrap intact. An application of a ceramic coating immediately following the removal of the wrap will ensure a smooth application. Contact us today to learn more about ceramic paint coatings for your new vehicle.

Invest in a ceramic coating for your new Camaro as early as possible to help preserve its glossy shine. Details Matter, located in Melbourne, FL, is experienced in new car paint protection and interior surface protection. As a certified ceramic coating installer, we will help keep your new car looking great for years to come.