Maintain Your BMW’s Showroom Shine – Apply a Ceramic Coating

bmw ceramic coatingBMWs are beautiful cars, with an understated combination of elegance and performance. The feeling you get from driving down the street and watching the heads turn in admiration is a feeling you can’t put a price on, and you want your new investment to keep turning heads for years to come.

The reality is that cars are exposed to all sorts of wear and tear, no matter how hard you try to baby them, and even just driving to the store on a hot day is enough to do some damage. That’s why your new BMW needs the protection afforded by a ceramic coating. Here are a few of the main advantages offered by ceramic coatings over other paint protection products:

Long-Lasting, Hardy Protection for Your BMW

Ceramic coatings form a long-lasting chemical bond with your car. This means the days of having to routinely check and reapply your paint protection are over. One professional application is enough to provide your new BMW with years of protection. Not only does the protection last a long time, it’s also the best protection around.

Using advanced nanotechnology, the ceramic coating will fill in the nanoscopic holes on the surface of your car. This provides a smooth, even surface that resists scratches and protects against minor rock chips, bugs, bird droppings, and even acid rain.

A Glossy Look

Ceramic coatings give your car a glossy, wet appearance that makes it look even better than the day you bought it. Much like the protection, this glossy look won’t fade away with time, meaning your car will maintain its showroom shine for years to come.

Unmatched Hydrophobicity

The smooth surface of a ceramic coating also provides a level of hydrophobicity that can’t be matched by other products. Hydrophobicity, or water resistance, means no more damage from the chemicals and minerals found in sprinkler water or rain. Water simply beads up and rolls off, preventing the contaminants in water from ever touching your car’s paint and etching its surface.

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Best-in-class cars deserve best-in-class paint protection. Details Matter is a certified installer of two of the top brands of ceramic coatings: Ceramic Pro and Opti-Coat Pro. Visit us at our Melbourne, Florida location or contact us today for more information on our ceramic coatings and our prestige detailing services.